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Kniha návštěv

Datum 21.04.2022
Vložil Donalduticy
Titulek Oral without condom

While I was thinking about this, Anya had already called out to me when she reached the middle of the room.
Something I want you, even though your penis is small, but everything is somehow ... She was right, my penis is really small, not so micro, but not a giant!
No, well, Igorek definitely ate something bad: he calls for marriage, fucks like he hadn't seen each other for a month. What a blessing that the men are so thick-skinned, and he did not feel that I was literally being beaten in all holes in front of him. For example, I almost always feel that Igor has had some kind of otter.
liveartbcs.com/afghanistan/22-03-2022-2. “Well, in short, I babbled on it,” Victor told me the story of seducing Pyshka with him. He walked out of the restaurant car with a bottle of cognac, when Marina Puffy was chalking up the vestibule. He talked and offered her a drink. But for some reason she didn't refuse. As a result, the two of them sentenced a bottle of Noah, after which he dragged Pyshka to the toilet, where he entered. “Showed her how the oilmen fuck!” - he proudly emphasized, rolling out his bolt for some reason, the head of which was studded with several "balls". The size of the penis was not inferior to the Victor's fists anyway, why else were these "balls" needed? "Did you see it, dude?" he asked and put his cock back in his pants. “This is how all the women howl with happiness!”
The people were already drunk, the music played loudly, so the ugly scene did not work out. Lesha pulled Igor away from me, but they did not have time to find out the relationship. I hurried to hug them and coo with an innocent look: "Boys, I'm a whore, so let's get out of here and you will fuck both of me." There were no objections, and we followed the familiar path to Leshka's room.
And I can't sleep. OK good night.
Yeah… Natasha answered.


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